It all started back in 2009, when a prominent radio station owner named Stephen T.Butler who owned several stations in Fayattevile, Arkansas decided to start a station in Key West. (Rumors were he had won it in a Poker Game) Bringing in the genius programming director from Westwood One Radio network in New York Dave Jackson, together they started the X Key West 104.9 and about a year later they opened their first studio at Cowboy Bills in the window on Duval Street, and started having live DJ's.

The first DJ was local musician Bo Fodor with his co-host Rebecca Morris Whitten, they did a Morning Show from 10 till 2 p.m. weekdays. The next to come on board was "Rude Girl" aka Rudy Gee & Molly Blue weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. And just before Fantasy Fest in 2011 they hired Gary W.Ek as an overnight engineer.... after a couple days Gary asked, "so, who's yourovernight host ?" and they said, "they didn't have one." so he brought in the "Voodoo Princess" Linda Fryer and they started doing Thursday through Sunday night shows starting at 8 p.m. and going on long past midnight, having millions of followers from their internet radio shows with the Southernmost Radio Network, Reverend Gweko started the Soundman From Hell show on The X with interviews from prominent musicians and city leaders... and more Bizzareness !

The next to come on board with The X, was Michelle Muse with a eccentric music show every Tuesday nights. Then our man about town Ed Krane started a retro vinyl show once a week on The X. As a Saturday afternoon experiment we started "Dishing up the Keys" with hosts Sherry Pogue, Joe Weed, Kim Teal Woods, and the Todd Father from various remote restaurant locations.

- after that we brought in the genius of Skip Sher (an Outer Banks radio host) as "Skippy the Prize Guy" who did various remote shows from happy hour locations around Key West.

- Also there was the comedian and radio host known as "Vinny K" whom had a long run with us, all the way from our Viva Zapata Studio on Duval Street and all the way back to Cowboy Bills.

By then our "Soundman from Hell" it teamed up with Ben Solove "Key West's Most Eligible Bachelor" for a "Live and Dead" a Grateful Dead tribute show every Monday night. Then eventually Ben took that show over, and started a new show "Bluesday Tuesday" a Blues Tribute show on every Tuesday night.

Then we brought in the great Bucky Montgomery with the "Bucky from Kentucky show"....
Bucky did almost a year at late night, then sobered up enough to do a day show.

Soon after that we brought in the talents of JD Adler and Lisa Booker from our B.O.'s Fish Wagon open mic night, they started The X News Hour every Sunday morning at 10 a.m.
- even going on remotes to The Artisan Market with the mayor of Key West Terry Johnson.

Next in line was our friends from the City of Key West Recycling program Dee Dee Green and her friend from "Up the Keys Tours" Kim stamps with their recycling show known as "Going Green Up the Keys" with recycling and travel tips., heard every Tuesday night starting at 8 p.m.

And on Monday nights our Local Conch and award-winning filmmaker/director Quincy Perkins, with a local conch look at storytelling in the Keys. Starting with the Story of Bum Farto, a five-part podcast episode delving deep into this iconic Key West character.

This Past May we lost our station owner and founder Steven Butler, and our Engineer Gary W. Ek (aka Reverend Gweko) became our General Manager.

Now operating The X 104.9 WXKW under Southernmost Media, we pledge to keep Steve Butler's Dream alive and bring the best music in the Keys to our Listeners, and taking radio to places that it has never been before.

So Thanks for Joining Internet Listeners from all over the country, and the world that have contacted us, and listen in on a regular basis.